Western Culture Reacts to 75% Nude Japanese Video Game Character

The photo you see above is the character design for a female sniper in the upcoming video game METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. The character is named “Quiet”. The game is set for the most part in Afghanistan. As you can see, she is wearing nothing more than a bikini and ripped sheer stockings. Can you guess what western culture is saying about this character design?

Designer for the video game series Halo, David Ellis, said this about the character design on Twitter:

Don’t care if this gets me in trouble. This character design is disgusting. Our industry should be better than this.

-David Ellis (@DavidEllis)

A slew of comments everywhere from western culture state their utter disgust in the character design choice. One comment included the suggestion that she should just be naked, implying the poster of said comment believes nudity is sexual. My response to that is, how can you make money off of cosplayers (people who dress up as characters in video games/cartoons) if the character you want them to dress up as happens to be naked? There isn’t any money in it. Therefore, they do not do it.

What do you think about the reactions to the character design? What is your reaction to the character design? If you are into video games, does this character design make you lose respect for the creator of Metal Gear? If you want to see more images of the character design, click here. Post any thoughts you have below.

Shows Feat. Naked Women… Pervert Magnets?

A promo for an episode of Naked and Afraid.

After having watched the video embedded above and taken a look at the comments, I have come to the conclusion that men who do not have the ability to separate nudity from sex are attracted to shows like ‘Naked and Afraid’ in hopes of catching a thrill. The man in the video, Clint, even states that he doesn’t want to have to be with an unattractive woman for 21 days. Lauren, however, hopes to be around a guy who can get past her being naked. Unfortunately for her, she is paired up with a guy who can’t get past nudity.

Lauren sent a good message to non-perverted viewers by saying that she doesn’t think it’s odd to be naked. Unfortunately for her, most of the viewers of this show are only watching it to ‘yank their cranks’ to every shot of an uncensored female butt. One of the comments on the video even said “good porn documentary”. This goes to show just how ready we are as a species for wholesome, nonsexual nudity.

Free the Tatas!


Join ToplessEquality.com in Chicago on Saturday August, 17th @ 5200 N Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60640 . We will be banding together at a Chicago, IL beach to show support for the ability to be Topless in Public and against discriminating laws in Chicago. We invite everyone down for a day of fun, food, and freedom.

Keri Poma, of Chicago, says “I couldn’t help but notice that to be bare breasted at a beach in Chicago may lead to a fine of $100-$500 for indecent exposure for females. That is incredibly sexist.”

Many supporters of Topless Equality feel that having a law that specifically targets one group by race, gender, or sexuality is inherently wrong. Laws should be written for the masses and not to target and persecute one particular group.

Click on the photo above or click here to see full details on this event. The event is ToplessEquality’s first event and is neither rife with double standards nor influenced by religious beliefs. You can also go follow them on Twitter or on Facebook for the latest updates.

Baby Steps Into Nudism

A lot of nudists think the world is ready for the public, nonsexual, clothes-free lifestyle. Are they right in thinking so? There is plenty of evidence to show you the opposite is present. There are people all over America that think a female nipple is all sorts of sexual and makes you a target for a rapist. People are still somewhat grossed out by the sight of a male nipple. Islam still refuses to let women show the cheeks of their freaking faces, let alone their whole body.

What on earth makes a nudist think the world is ready for full nudity in public? I admit, I from time to time just want the world to accept full nonsexual nudity right now, but I know it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Probably not going to happen in my lifetime. We nudists must realize this: men weren’t allowed to go shirtless in public until the 1930s. We must approach this like we do when teaching a toddler the skills necessary for life; slowly and patiently.


There is some hope, however. Some women (as evidenced by the photo embedded above) are beginning to publicly want the right to go without a shirt in public, like men do today. As I said earlier, taking this in baby steps is a must. If we push too much, we will only get hurt and misunderstood.

Libertarians & Legally Topless Women

If you haven’t heard, NYPD officers were reminded recently that exposure of the female breast isn’t enough to warrant any action from a cop, unless the women are drawing a crowd through her behavior. I found the news through a nudist page on Facebook. I read the article, carefully browsing the comments section to see just how much negative feedback there was. There was a resounding amount of negative feedback. It mainly came from females who don’t quite get the idea.

Afterwards, I resumed my day. I checked Facebook later to find the exact article shared by multiple Libertarian pages. Since I already read the article, I decided to see how much negative feedback was posted in the comments of each share. Again, mostly females gave negative feedback. I’ve come to expect this “slut-shaming”.

The main difference between the comments on the article and the comments on each share to a Libertarian page? Most of the comments by Libertarians were that they were all for it. This I wasn’t expecting. I guess it’s true that you cannot be a Libertarian without accepting topless equality.

Another thing I found out through a nudist page is that the bill that was proposed to modify the indecent exposure felony in North Carolina to include female breasts has expired recently. I skimmed the article, which contained the same general talk as the article on the NYPD’s reminder to law enforcement. I browsed the comments of this article as well. To no surprise, I found mostly women flaming (insulting) the author of the article for posting about such a topic. There was also the aforementioned slut-shamers. I haven’t seen this article posted to a libertarian page yet, but I expect nearly the same feedback as from the NYPD article.

What do you think? Tell me below.