Child Nudity (& Other ‘Controversial’ Nudity)

Everyone around the world – apart from us nudists – for no truly apparent good reason, views early child nudity as a loss of innocence. This may come from the oh-so-frequently-argued idea that nudity is sexual and as such is a loss of innocence. After all, once a child knows about sex, they will “be sexually active” as conservatives put out. This belief of child nudity as a loss of innocence is indeed silly.

As I have mentioned countless times before, a human is born knowing that nude is just how things should be. So, why is it that children are forced taught to believe nudity is something to be ashamed of? Is it because of the beliefs of ancestors from thousands of years back? Or is it because of, dare I say it, religion? Where does this “Loss of innocence” idea come from?

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were at the height of innocence. Was it the fruit that gave them shame or something else? I cannot give you an exact answer. All I know is that a true loss of innocence is being taught that nudity in/of itself is not innocent. Why do parents take away the very innocence of their child that they claim to be protecting?

On a second note, art featuring male nudity being shown in public has become quite controversial recently for yet another reason that is silly. A museum in Austria had several large images of nude men censored after very many prudists called in upset disgust at the nude art show called ‘Nackte Manner’ (which translates to ‘Naked Men’) that was shown recently. There is no end to how far the prudes will go to protect a child’s innocence.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Child Nudity (& Other ‘Controversial’ Nudity)

  1. muttklingon

    childen that have grow up . in the nudist life see it a way alife. ! Nudist.? is not about sexual! it moore about freedom & God!.

  2. Cassandra

    We are under global seige by hypocritical government forces that will pervert and destroy all that is beautiful. Google about MK ULTRA MONARCH where the CIA participates in stealing children and torturing them to become sex slaves to the global elite. All well known and documented.

    There is nothing wrong with a naked child, teen or adult. Remember that your MIND is being manipulated by your loving government to package and program pre-determined thought processes so you have no more mind of your own.
    Watch Eyes Wide Shut, and where the Dr. Hartford character enters the room where women stand in a circle and ritually being prepared to serve in an orgy, imagine they are little pre-pubescent girls. This is what is really done. Young virgins are served like baluga caviar for the pleasures of the world leaders and their minions. Children are devoured for the pleasures of their flesh by Leaders, lawyers, judges and politicians.
    But you see, they want YOU to feel dirty for enjoying the beauty of an innocent naked child because THEY reserve that right for themselves.

    Watch JORDAN MAXWELL Basic SLide Presentation on YouTube and learn the world you live in right now.
    Government WANTS you to live in a fear based society.


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