[POLL] Globally Asexual Nudity: Is It Really Possible?

I came across an article recently about the San Francisco nudity ban being passed and, as a nudist, it made me very sad. Sure, I may not live there, but it still affects nudists period. Just knowing that there’s still an immense amount of people that don’t understand nudism hurts. I could talk for days about the inane reasons as to why one would be offended at the sight of a nude person, but I won’t. It’ll just be a waste of time since nobody important sees this blog.

Seeing the article made me wonder. Is it really possible for asexual nudity to be accepted by the general population at all? Will people ever toss their hang ups out and think of nudity in the sense that it was thought of in the Garden of Eden? There is a book, called the Book of Timothy, that never made it into the Bible for it may have revealed too much knowledge. In it, Jesus’ Disciples asked of Him when they will be able to see Him.

To this, Jesus replied that they will only see Him when they take their clothes off without shame. He will only physically manifest when everyone on the planet rips their clothes off happily like a small child. I don’t believe in religion, but for those of you nudists who do may find this information to be invaluable to your defense of nudism. Take this information. Use it wisely.

Answer the poll embedded above and detail your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “[POLL] Globally Asexual Nudity: Is It Really Possible?

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  2. Frank S

    I would love to see it, but the taboo against public nudity is so engrained into human culture, it would take many generations to take hold. That would be in the western countries, where minds are relatively free and life is not ruled by religion. Try going nude in say, Saudi Arabia? I would be happy to get off with a small fine and 10 hours community service. But, here is to hopeing.


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